My Year of Adventurous Eating

The Foods March 31, 2011

Here I will list the foods I have, up until now, refused to try or only tried a couple of times.  They are roughly in order of how I will be testing them, but as I do some more research about seasonality and availability, and get my travel plans worked out, the order will likely get switched around some.  Don’t worry though, I’ll give you all at least two weeks (more likely a month) to dig through your recipes and restaurant Rolodexes and get your suggestions to me!

Mushrooms:  You wouldn’t lick athlete’s foot would you?  I’m just saying.  It’s all fungus.

Buffalo:  Why not buffalo?  Because it’s not Beef!

Venison/Elk:  See “buffalo”

Wild Boar:  Why not?  Because it isn’t pork!!

Rabbit:  So cute.  I don’t want to eat cute food.  I know.  Weird, right?

Ocean fish:  Like salmon.  Right about now I plan on being in Washington or elsewhere along the West coast.  What better time to try some seafood?  And yes, I’m afraid of seafood.  I blame it on all the canned tuna and VanDeKamp’s fish sticks I ate growing up in 1980’s Colorado.

Duck/Goose/Other Wildfowl:  Why not?  Because it’s not chicken or turkey.  It makes sense to me.

Stinky Cheeses:  Blue cheese, goat cheese, sheep’s milk cheese.  Camembert.

Fresh water fish:  Maybe some trout?  I foresee camping and fishing in my future.  Though I may not be able to eat it if I have to gut it first.

Mayonnaise/Mustard/Ketchup:  I know, I know.  Weird, right?  But B-B-Q sauce is ok!  Be thinking of the best place to get Eggs Benedict with real hollandaise sauce!  This’ll be really good for me, since I’m mildly afraid of poached eggs too.

Olives/Capers/Sweet pickles:  Except black olives.  I already love black olives.

Fish Sauce:  Yes, it gets its own category.  It’ll take me that long to wrap my brain around it.  Have you seen how they make that stuff?  Have you smelled it?!?

More fresh water fish:  I hear there’s a lot of it in Michigan, which is where Hubby is from and which we will likely visit at some point in the next year.

Offal:  I’m thinking pate…fois gras–if I’m to be forced to eat any Rocky Mountain Oysters this is the category they fall under in my world.

Mussels/Scallops:  Why not eat these in Washington?  They tell me the best time to eat bivalves is November-March (rather, all the months that have the letter “R” in them, but especially November through March.)  After that they begin to spawn, which renders them slimy, formless, tasteless and useless as food.  I don’t want to eat slimy, formless, tasteless food.  I want to eat them while they are briny, meaty and delicious.  Can you blame me?  Unless further research reveals that the very best bivalves will be available for consumption at the beginning of July (which is when Hubby and I make for the West Coast), I’ll stick to the stuff during peak season in Colorado.

Thanksgiving!:  Yep I’m taking Thanksgiving off…though there will likely be mushrooms in the green bean casserole, so it still counts!

Lobster:  Many lemons and much butter will have to be murdered for the sake of one lobster dinner.

Christmas:  Oh yes, and I get Christmas off too.  My birthday is right after Christmas, and I refuse to eat anything I don’t like on mah b-day!

Shrimp:  I can hear you now. “You’ve never tried shrimp!?!  But it’s sooo good!” That remains to be seen!  And yes, I did eat a shrimp.  Once.


More Ocean Fish:  I hear tuna, when not canned, can be very delish.

Oysters/Clams:  See “Mussels/Scallops”

Crab:  Why not?  Too much like spiders.  I try not to hold prejudices against anybody, but spiders are the exception.  Too many legs.  Not enough cute.

Cephalopods:  Let me just clear this up right now.  I’m not eating live octopus tentacles.  I draw the line at eating foods that can actively protest while I’m eating them.  If that little sucker can try to slither its little way back up my throat after I’ve already swallowed I just know it will set me back.  Probably all the way back to mushrooms.  Speaking of which…

Mo’ Mushrooms!:  It seems fitting to revisit them in the spring and right at the end of my project. 

Sushi:  Having hopefully mastered all manner of cooked seafood, I hope to conquer the raw.  Also, this is the category that all three (or so) of my friends have always sworn they would get me to try at some point before I die, so it’s bound to be the biggest party.

As you can see many of my food prejudices are about to be turned on end!  My rule about “no animals with less than two legs or more than four legs” is about to be profoundly broken.  No more blindly refusing to try new foods!  Although most of the foods on this list may not seem adventurous to most of you, they are brand new and terrifying to me.  It’s time to overcome some fears!


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