My Year of Adventurous Eating

The Project March 31, 2011

A year of adventurous (for me, anyways) eating!

A carnivore is a creature that eats only meat.

An herbivore is a creature that eats only plants.

An omnivore is a creature that eats everything.

Human beings are designed to be omnivores, there’s no question about it.  I have nothing against vegans, but find me one that doesn’t have to wash down a large handful of vitamin supplements with their morning soy milk latte and I’ll believe that maybe humans aren’t meant to eat meat.  Find me a human who eats only meat and still poops and maybe I’ll…well, never mind.

It’s probably not a great idea to start a food blog by talking about poop.  I work in a hospital, what can I say?

The point is the human body is designed to be able to process all kinds of foods–plant matter, animals, animal products, and minerals too.  There are not really any foods that every human can’t digest (except for maybe those with severe food allergies–you folks be careful…) therefore not being an omnivore is pretty much always a matter of choice.

Omnivore meaning eat everything.  Even if it’s gross.  Even if it’s fungus, or fish, or (gulp!) mayonnaise.  Even if I’ve always said I don’t like it.  Even if the thought of it makes me lose my appetite so that even the bacon to my left doesn’t seem tasty anymore.  And I love bacon…

Anyways, I recently realized that I have an extensive list of foods I say don’t like.  I also recently realized that most of the foods on that list are foods I have never actually tasted!  Thus was spawned the concept for a project; a food project.  I will spend the next year eating foods I have always said I hated but never actually gave a fair chance.  My year of eating adventurously.  Or adventurously for me, anyways.  And I want you all to join me!

The Project: 24 weeks worth of disgusting, horrible, awful, gag-inducing foods to be consumed every other Friday (excluding the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas…everyone needs a vacation every now and then) for one year in an effort to become the more perfect omnivore.

The Plan:  Every other Friday will be “New Food Night.”  I will go out with hubby and family and friends to a restaurant (chosen by one of you!) and try a food which I previously would not have actually considered food.  In the following two weeks I will try variations of that food in recipes which you, my nearest and dearest, will hopefully share with me.  Then it’s on to the next!

Which brings me to all of you:  Share with me your favorite restaurants to order these foods, tell me your favorite dishes.  Also send me your very favorite recipes (but make sure you let me know if you don’t want it published.  I will post every recipe I try online, but if you want me to try your grandma’s 500-year-old super secret paella recipe without spilling it to the world, well, I can keep a secret!  Just let me know!)

So there you have it.  This journey will be an epic fail without help and input from all of you!

Let it begin! Let it begin!!  LET IT BEGIN!!!

disclaimer:  I may kick, scream, fight, bite and cry to get out of eating some foods even though 5 hours earlier I was perfectly willing to drive to the restaurant and cheerfully order the dish which is currently steaming before me and which is most likely the cause of my current distress.  Those of you who take on this challenge with me may find yourselves at the receiving end of some of my worst moments.  Please forgive me in advance…it doesn’t mean I don’t still love you.  But don’t let me off the hook.


2 Responses to “The Project”

  1. Jordan Legan Says:

    Lana! Here is your green chili recipe!

    2-4lbs cubed pork
    14oz can diced tomatoes (run through blender)
    10-12 diced green chilis
    3 tbsp garlic powder
    2tsp pepper
    salt to taste
    3/4 cup flour
    3-4 quarts water

    Cook pork, stir in flour and brown a little with cooked pork. Add a little olive oil if needed. Add diced chilies, tomatoes, garlic powder, pepper, and water. Add a little at a time until you get the consistency you want then add the salt to taste. Bring to a boil stirring it so chillies won’t stick to bottom of pan. Then let simmer for 20 – 30 minutes!

    Sorry it took me so long!


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