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On Unexpectedness, Indeciciveness, and Curried Sweet Potato Soup October 28, 2011

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The Unforeseen has happened.

In an entirely unexpected, shocking and certainly unprepared for twist of fate, I recently discovered that someone has read my blog.

And cooked something off of it.

As a result of this surprising event, it has been brought to my attention that my recipes lack in two areas:

1) Precise measurements (as in:  “how many ounces are in that can anyways?!?”)

2) How many servings one should expect to have at the end of it all

My apologies!

Henceforth I will make an attempt to check the size of the cans I use in my recipes so I can pass that information on to you, and I will also try to judge how many servings each recipe makes. I gotta warn ya though, I’m not so good at judging serving sizes.  And they certainly won’t be based on nutritional value, vitamin content, or any food pyramid.  They’ll mostly be based on how full you’ll be after you eat it.

At the end of the day, though, I really want to press that cooking is never a precise art.  Baking, yes, cooking no.  So if what I give you isn’t working out for you, do something else that does!  You won’t be able to ruin one of these recipes by leaving out an ingredient, or by putting in more or less of it, or by substituting it with something else altogether.

I don’t want to bore everyone to death by constant repetition of certain tips either, but I’ll mention some of them more often for those who drop in in the middle of things.

So that being said, let’s cook something!  And I’ll try to implement my new resolutions!

So I had some leftover sweet potato from the quesadillas I made the other day (see previous post).  There was just enough to do something with, but not enough to do much.  So I did exactly what I do when I want to stretch out a small amount of leftovers into a meal…

I made soup!

(Now, I started with one cast of ingredients and ended up with a slightly different one, so don’t do your grocery shopping based on what you see in these photos.)

Ginger, garlic and scallions.  Mmmmm.  That’s a good start for any recipe!

I also used lemongrass.  And yes, I used the kind in the tube.  It just happened to be convenient, inexpensive, and already minced.

And the lemongrass stalks they were selling at the grocery store looked kinda….well…



There’s the ginger and garlic minced up, and the sliced scallions,and the leftover sweet potatoes from the other day (if you don’t just happen to have leftover sweet potatoes sitting around you can bake one in the microwave {make sure to poke plenty of holes in it first} or peel and boil one until tender.  Then just mash it up really well with a fork!  This recipe will use the equivalent of one small sweet potato–about a cup or a little less when all mashed up.) and the tube of lemongrass paste.  That platter smelled unbelievable!

(Oh yeah, and I was mincing ginger and garlic for two recipes, so that’s quite alot more than you will actually use in the soup.)

(To mince ginger: peel the root—I use the edge of a spoon for this– and slice it into very thin coins.  Lay the coins down flat on the cutting board and smash them using the end of the handle of the knife.)

Next, heat ye up a medium sized saucepan over medium heat, then pour in a little vegetable oil (a tablespoon or two).  Add the minced aromatics (ginger, garlic, scallion and lemongrass)

and stir it around for half a minute or so.  They will cook a little and release their aromas, but you don’t want them to begin to brown.

At this point you should definitely stick your face over the pan and take a couple of good whiffs.

Then sprinkle in a teaspoon or so of curry powder.

It’s the right thing to do.

Next add in your mashed sweet potato and stir it around a little.

Then stir in a couple of tablespoons of soy sauce.

Now pour in a can of unsweetened coconut milk (not to be confused with cream of coconut, which makes a delicious but very sweet base for pina coladas and other desserts.  And yes, I would consider a pina colada dessert).  Pour in a little at a time, stirring to incorporate it with the sweet potatoes evenly.

If the soup is too thick, add a little water, vegetable stock, chicken stock, or even milk, until it reaches a consistency you like.  I added just a little splash of water, because I wanted my soup to be rich and thick.

At this point, what I really should have done it poured it all in a blender and given it a little whirr.

So, you know, pour the soup into a blender and give it a little whirr.  Just to break down any big bits of ginger and scallion or unmashed bits of sweet potato.

Heat it through, taste for salt and adjust as needed.

What you have now is creamy, warming, delicious, rich, sweet and savory and wonderful!

Believe me, not much could be better on a cold, snowy night!

And I’ll be honest, it’s pretty hearty.  If you served it with some bread and a salad, there’s a filling meal for you right there!

It is also vegan (if you don’t use milk or chicken stock to thin it out).

And lactose free.

And gluten free (if you use gluten free soy sauce).


Here’s the recipe.  It feeds two as a main course, or makes four small starter servings.

Curried Sweet Potato Soup

1-2 tablespoons vegetable oil

3-4 cloves garlic, minced

1-2 tablespoons ginger, minced (about a 1 ½” piece of gingerroot)

2 teaspoons lemongrass paste

2 thinly sliced scallions

2 teaspoons curry powder

2-3 tablespoons soy sauce

1 small, cooked sweet potato, mashed

1 13.5 oz can unsweetened coconut milk

Salt to taste

Heat a medium sized saucepan to medium heat while you prepare the ingredients.

When the pan is hot, pour in the oil.  Immediately add the garlic, ginger, lemongrass and scallions.  Sauté, stirring, for about 20 seconds.  Stir in the curry powder, sweet potato and soy sauce, stirring until mostly smooth.  Stir in the coconut milk, a little at a time, until evenly incorporated.  If desired, pour the soup into a blender and puree until smooth, then pour back into the saucepan.

If the soup is too thick, add some liquid (chicken or vegetable stock, or water or milk) until desired consistency is reached. Heat through.  Taste for seasoning and adjust as needed.

Eat and be happy!


Halloween weekend is a tough time to try and have a non-Halloween related party.

That being said, the Martini Antipasti party has been moved…yet again.

November 4th will now be the night I overcome my olive phobia with lots of booze, charcuterie and cheese to help out.

Be there?


Be there!


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  1. Isn’t it great when someone reports back?! Anyway, great looking soup.

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