My Year of Adventurous Eating

The Phobicfoodie Goes on Hiatus… August 28, 2011

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I’m falling behind.  Again.

So, we didn’t exactly move into the new place this weekend.

We went inside to take photos and video (as you all should before you move anything in if you are renting!) and here is what we found:

1) A television set left on the bathroom counter.

2) An antique-looking fan left on the kitchen counter

3) A lamp (one of those ugly, beaded kinds….you know, the kind college freshmen get when they first move into a dorm because it kind of looks like a tiny chandelier except the crystals are just strands of plastic beads and the base is plastic covered in silver coating?) left on the other kitchen counter

4) A box full of

          a) prepackaged food products (mostly expired)

          b) medications (mostly herbal)

          c) cleaning supplies (mostly unused)

5) Dirty socks by the washing machine

6) 4 large tires in the back yard

7) Two broken lawn chairs covered with

          a) A torn, dirty cushion

          b) Two torn, dirty towels

8) Broken glass

9) About 1017 cigarette butts

10) A large stain on the wall where someone had spilled soda and didn’t clean it up.

11) A large stain on the wall where someone’s dirty dreadlocks used to rub against the wall while he was sleeping.

Oh, and the burners were sticking up out of the stove at an awkward angle that was not sustainable to cooking.

And then the neighbors came home!

The building has a shared entrance, which appears to mean that no insulation is required around the front door.  Here is what I heard:



Squeeeeaalll!!!  Ohhh my gosh!  What a cute dog!”

“Oh, thank you!”

“Do you ever need a babysitter?”

“Um, yes, sometimes…”

At this juncture I went into the bedroom and shut the door, just to see how it sounded from in there.

“I’m serious, if you ever need someone to dog sit…”

“Thank you I’ll let you know…”

I went back out of the bedroom and into the back yard.  And that’s when our other neighbor began playing music.

It wasn’t unnecessarily loud, he was just playing music.

Really horrible, awful sitar music.

You know, the kind they play at the herb and incense shop?  I could hear every note.


And then he started to smoke.

And then the sky went “KABOOOM!!!”

And I said “*sniff.*”

And that’s when the first raindrops began to fall.  It went something like “FFWWWWOOOOOSSSHHH!!!”

I was instantly drenched and found that I was unsure if the water on my face was rain or tears.

Hubby came out of the condo looking distressed.  In a nutshell, the conversation went like this:

“Let’s not live here.”


So we packed everything into our cars and drove everything up to my parent’s basement.

45 minutes away!!!

It’s actually very nice.  The basement has a lovely apartment in it, and my parents give us plenty of space. 

And we’re just so grateful we didn’t have to move into that place!

But it’s still 45 minutes away from our precious Bubble that we love and love to hate.

And, at the same time we are still technically on the hook for rent on that place until it gets rented out to someone else.  The leasing agent was very nice and gave us our entire deposit and holding fee back…I’d recommend doing business with Key Realty any day!  It really isn’t their fault the place didn’t get cleaned well before we moved in, or that the building was built in 1978 and has no sound proofing whatsoever!  The company was lovely to deal with and were very fair and understanding about the whole thing.  They’ve completely cleaned it out, by the way.  It’s spotless.

In the meantime, the Project has already fallen behind by one food, and I’m not sure what the next food should be.

Things are getting so complicated, and I need your help deciding!

I’ll take your votes below! 

What’s my next food challenge, and where should it take place?

Let the voting begin….


P.S.  I’ll start posting recipes again too.  Just as soon as I figure out where my pots are…


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