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The Great Cupcake Extravaganza August 9, 2011

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So, I had this great idea.

Well, actually my friend Sarah had this great idea, but I’m going to go ahead and take credit for it.

Sarah wanted to know when my cupcake challenge would be.

And I told her, “but I’m not afraid of cupcakes!”

But then I went home and thought about it and slept on it and I thought to myself,

“Why shouldn’t I have a cupcake challenge?”

And then I thought to myself,

“We should have a cupcake competition!”

So.  Let’s have a contest!

I want to have a chance to taste everyone’s very best cupcakes! 

But there’s a twist:  every cupcake must be paired with a beverage.

It doesn’t have to be an alcoholic beverage, but it does need to create a theme with the cupcake.

For example:  You could bring chocolate cupcakes with cherry wine, or caramel cupcakes with apple cider, or peanut butter cupcakes with grape juice, cookie cupcakes with milk…

You get the idea!

The more creative your flavor combinations are the better.  Bonus points for including an ingredient I’ve never heard of before, or for successfully incorporating an ingredient you would never usually use in a cupcake.

I’m hoping to have six people bring 18 cupcakes each, and drinks to share.  Each contestant can bring a guest or two, then we’ll all sample everyone’s cupcake/beverage combos and vote on the one we like the best!  The winner will walk away with a cupcake t-shirt and a gift certificate to Boulder Wine and Spirits!

Here are some guidelines for ya!

1) Each contestant should bring about 18 mini cupcakes.  Full-sized cupcakes will be too large since everyone will want to sample as many as possible!

2) Each cupcake should be matched with a beverage that creates a theme

3) Each cupcake/beverage combo will be judged on the following criteria:




4) The cupcakes must be frosted or topped in some way (I know it seems like this would go without saying, but….well there you go.)

5) Cupcakes and frosting must be homemade (again, I know it seems like it would go without saying, but again…there you go!)

Of course, I would love if you all brought copies of your cupcake recipes with you to the competition so we can all make them again later.  However, any shared recipes are subject to publication on this blog later, so if you’d like yours to remain a secret please be sure and let me know!

Every contestant is invited to bring a guest or two to share in the fun, so get your baking caps on everyone!  The first 6 people to respond in the comments section below are invited to compete.  The Great Cupcake Extravaganza of 2011 will take place on September 24!

Location and times to follow pending response from all of you!

Contact me at if you have any questions.


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