My Year of Adventurous Eating

Cheese Day! August 4, 2011

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When I was in high school a friend of mine (an only child) was going to Paris with her parents and asked if I would go along.

Um.  Ok!

While there I began developing my near-terminal fondness for very dark, strong coffee, uber-rich hot chocolate, a well made baguette, rare beef and French onion soup.

Breakfast each day consisted of fresh-baked rolls and demibaguettes with butter or small, individually wrapped cheeses, and French press coffee.

Here is where I first met Camembert, and promptly decided that I did not actually love all things French!

The only thing I remember is the strong, almost floral flavor of the rind.  I half-gagged and turned back to my wax-enrobed baby bel single serving gouda, and swore never to eat a moldy or stinky or unfamiliar cheese again!

Until tomorrow, that is!

Tomorrow is Cheese Day!

Not just any cheese, we’re talking fancy French and Italian cheeses.  Blue cheese (oh, how I’ve hated blue cheese!), goat cheese, stinky cheese, cheese with rinds, cheese with mold, cheese cheese cheese!

Oh my.

This does sound fun!

While considering how to most efficiently (and cost effectively) approach the subject of stinky and moldy cheeses I landed upon the idea of a cheese plate at a decent restaurant.  It seemed an inexpensive way to sample several types of cheese.  It also meant that I wouldn’t end up buying several chunks of cheese (which I may or may not actually like) which would sit in the fridge until I have to move it all into a new fridge in two weeks when our current lease is up.

So I googled “cheese plates in Boulder” and came up with three highly rated candidates.  It seems a cheese plate tour of Boulder is in order!

My friend Sarah and I will start the adventure in the late afternoon, at The Kitchen (, with their selection of locally made artisan cheeses.  From there Hubby and our friend Ridge will join us and we’ll all head to the nationally renowned Frasca ( to continue the adventure with some delicious Italian cheeses.  Across the street is Mateo (–a comfortable French Bistro, where I intend to confront my fear of French cheese once and for all!

And so, to come full circle and overcome a prejudice formed over a decade ago in a cool, stone, hotel courtyard across the sea.

And perhaps, by the end of the day, I will really, truthfully be able to say:

“I.  Love.  Cheese!!!”


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