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Next Saturday…An Invitation June 3, 2011

Filed under: Next! — PhobicFoodie @ 11:10 pm

Is wild boar day!

The Place:  Radda Trattoria

The Day:  Saturday, June 11

The Time: 6:30 pm

Those of you who would like to join me, please RSVP in a comment on this post!  The first six people to respond below are invited to join me for an adventure in wild boar ragu!

Please respond by Monday, June 6th so I can set up a reservation.

Tomorrow, Grilled Sweet Corn and Poblano Salad.  Stay tuned!


3 Responses to “Next Saturday…An Invitation”

  1. Sarah Jane Says:

    Me! +1? I will let you know asap. But me none the less. (Thanks for changing it to the 11th!)

  2. PhobicFoodie Says:

    yay! of course! happy to oblige as long as that means you can come 🙂

  3. Drew Says:

    Hey Lana, happy to come, I love Radda!

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