My Year of Adventurous Eating

Today… May 27, 2011

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I went to the grocery store.

I stood over the seafood counter and agonized.

Then I harassed the poor guy behind the counter about fish for several minutes.

Then I stepped away from the counter to take a breather.

Then I went back to the counter, took a deep breath, and bought 3 fillets of tilapia.

I take back what I said earlier about the seafood counter at Safeway being scary.  It turns out Safeway is Greenpeace’s number one pick for sustainably aware seafood providers in Colorado!  That’s gotta mean they are doing something right, right?

And the guy behind the counter was really lovely.  He explained to me about the different kinds of fish they carried, then recommended a couple of mild types for fish phobics (like me).  Then he told me which ones were his favorites, and why.  Then he helped me pick out a good variety to douse in a brown-butter-and-lemon sauce tonight.  Then he talked me through how to cook it.

Very nice.  I’d recommend the Safeway in North Boulder for all your seafood needs!

I whipped around the store between agonizing over the fish and actually buying the fish, to pick up a few other things for tonight.  I know that seafood starts to get fishy very soon after it leaves the cooler, so I wanted the fillets to be the last thing I picked up.  After having the fish neatly wrapped in brown paper, I hurried up to the front of the store to check out.  The race to the refrigerator was on!

Then I realized that I need wine.

I can’t be expected to overcome one of my greatest fears of all time without plenty of good ol’ demon likker!

I threw everything into a grocery bag and nearly ran out the door and down the sidewalk to the liquor store next door, getting momentarily hung up by a woman sauntering at a leisurely pace down the center of the aisle with her grocery cart.  I could feel the fillets languishing in the mid-morning heat as I dashed around her and sprinted out the door.

A quick conversation with the wine store guy and one bottle of chardonnay later, and I was in the car for the ride home.

And then

My car coughed…

Then it hiccupped…

Then it died.

And I was left stranded on the side of the road for three hours while I waited for a tow truck, and the fish became fishier by the moment, and long story short…

No fish for the Phobic Foodie tonight! 

My car smells like dead fillet. 

And the fish

Oh…the fish!


Okay, okay.  I lie.  My car did cough, and hiccup, and threaten to stall, but it managed to get me the last couple of blocks to my apartment where I took a couple of quick photos of the fish before wrapping it up tightly and sticking it back into the safety of the fridge to wait for tonight.

And the fish doesn’t smell fishy at all…just mildly briney. 

Who knows what my car will do next time I need to go anywhere, but at least The Project is still on schedule!

In the meantime, here is a picture of my current greatest nemesis:

Wish me luck!

Monster Cat and Friday Cat

I’ve had a few requests for photos of the new cat.

Here ya go.

This is Friday Cat.

How about a view from the side?

This side?

How about the other side…

Yeah baby.  Work it.


And Monster?

Monster tolerates her.

Speaking of Monster, we bought him this expensive cat bed for Christmas, so what does he choose to sleep in?

A cardboard box.

Go away and quit judgin’ me, woman!

He’s angry because I put these on his claws.

Little vinyl covers. 

Are they pink?  Why yes, they are.

Are they sparkly?  Why yes!  They are!

How emasculating.

At first I wanted to try them because I thought they were hilarious.  Then I wanted to try them because every time Monster uses the littlerbox he scratches on the wall for 10 minutes and makes a really annoying “scritch-scratch” noise at 3am.  It’s weird.  And annoying.

Did I mention it’s annoying?

And I got pink sparkly ones because I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw them!

Turns out, Monster doesn’t mind having them on his feet.  After a few minutes of licking, he left them alone and doesn’t even seem to notice them anymore.  And the pink sparkle color?  Well, I think he pulls it off nicely.

But the sound of his claws on the wall?

It didn’t exactly go away.  The vinyl squeaks on the wall paint and sounds like dozens of small birds stuck inside the drywall, right behind my head.  Every night.  At 3am.

Revenge is sweet, sayeth the Monster.


2 Responses to “Today…”

  1. You so had me. I really thought the car broke down.What do you plan to do with your fishy fish?

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