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Something Fishy May 25, 2011

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Fill in the blank:  Absence makes the heart grow_________.

It’s “fonder”, right?  Absence makes the heart grow fonder?

A four-day silence has made you fonder of me, right?

Did you miss me?

Alright, excuses are in order.  There are two main reasons I have not cooked, written, posted anything on my blog for four whole days.

1) I was scheduled to work four 12-hour shifts in a row.  And no matter how slow the day is in the Emergency Department, I can’t bring myself to cook, photograph, blog and post after a 12 hour shift.  Sorry.  I can’t even bring myself to cook after a 12 hour shift…just ask my hubby who has the unlucky task of feeding me dinner after every shift.

I am so totally spoiled.

2) The kitchen faucet had been issuing water with less and less pressure for several days.  We finally got fed up with it and hubby called the leasing company on Friday.  They promised to send someone out on Monday to fix the water pressure.

Then on Saturday, the faucet broke clean off the sink, leaving us without water in the kitchen for the weekend!

Then on Monday, the maintenance guy failed to show up leaving us without the means to clean the dishes or the counters for yet another 24 hours.

And I just can’t cook without clean dishes or counters! 

I know.  I’m such a diva.

So, I apologize for the long silence.  I didn’t forget you.  I thought about you every day I was away!

Anyways.  Back to what’s important:  FOOD!

Remember that pizza dough I made last week?

Well, I made a second batch, just for kicks.  And to make sure that the recipe would work more than once and that last week’s success wasn’t just beginner’s luck.  And because I had every good intention of cooking this week, 12 hour shifts or not. 

Ah, well…the best laid plans…

In any case, I made the dough, and because the recipe says it only improves with age I stuck it in a ziplock bag in the fridge and promptly forgot about it until today.

Today, it was an alarmingly large, sticky, gooey, foamy mass and had developed an odor.

It wasn’t a bad smell, per se.  It smelled like sour dough bread. 

(But I feel like maybe it isn’t meant to smell that way.)

Still, since it didn’t have any mold growing on it, and since I like sour dough bread, and since I didn’t want to waste all that dough, I went ahead and used it to make calzones today.  They are baking as I write.

They smell delicious.

Results tomorrow!

Now, back to The Project.

The Phobic Foodie is scheduled to eat some ocean fish this Friday.  I did some looking around online and just couldn’t find a seafood restaurant in Colorado that fit all my criteria of being near by, affordable, delicious sounding, and sustainably aware.

Is it really asking so much?

So I’ve decided to cook the fish myself.  Risky, I know.  But at least this way I’ll know where my food has been! 

Tune in Saturday to see how it goes!

Also on this note, I’ve picked wild boar as the next food for my project.  Friday, June 10th, is wild boar day! 

Please feel free to join me, and if you have a place that serves wild boar that I absolutely must try, let me know. 

Start posting your comments tonight…an invitation will follow soon!


2 Responses to “Something Fishy”

  1. Cora Says:

    I know a GREAT seafood restaurant! Why don’t you just head out this way, and I will treat you to fresh fish served as they can only do in the Pacific Northwest!! 🙂
    P.S. Fish really is one of the easier things to cook. I’d just stay away from fresh tuna. Delish, yes…smelly, incredibly!

  2. PhobicFoodie Says:

    I’m thinking I’ll go with whatever the freshest, mildest whitefish the guy at the seafood counter at Whole Foods suggests. Who woulda thought seafood would be so complicated!
    Next time we make it up there we’ll definitely have to hit up some scary (for me) foods!

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