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Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Soup May 18, 2011

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Do this for me.

Do this for me today.  Okay?  Please?  It’ll make you sooo happy.

And I want you to be happy.  Because I love ya!

Take one small can of chipotle peppers in adobo.

Put the entire contents of the can, including the sauce, into your blender.  Then fill the can with water, swish it around to get all the extra sauce out, and dump that into your blender.  Then squeeze in the juice of one very juicy lime.

Take a crooked picture of you squeezing in the lime juice.  What can I say, I’m right-handed but I took the photo with my left hand.  Had to.  I mean, my right hand had a lime in it!

These things happen.

Roughly smash up two or three cloves of garlic, and add that in.

Sprinkle in about 1/2 teaspoon of salt, then add two or three teaspoons of honey.

Blend like crazy until everything is smooth and incorporated.

Super Hot Chipotle Sauce! 

Remember this recipe.  I use it a lot.  I love it.  You can rub it all over meat and let it soak in overnight before grilling it.  You can mix it into homemade posole.  You can slice up steak very thinly and saute it with this sauce and use it to top a chipotle beef pizza.  You can use it as a condiment for just about anything (just be warned, it is very, Very, very, VERY spicy!!!)

Or…you can use it to make Chipotle Black Bean Soup!! 

Here’s how ya do it:

Dice up two sweet bell peppers, two jalapenos, 1 red onion (or 1/2 sweet yellow and 1/2 red onion, if that’s what you have on hand), a couple of small carrots and several cloves of garlic (I used about 6) which are not pictured.  Why are they not pictured?  Because I almost forgot to put them in!


Next, in a large heavy pot, brown up some bacon.  About a slice.  (You could use butter or olive oil for this.  You could.  But bacon. Makes everything.  Better!  I promise.)  Make sure all the fat is rendered out.  Then pull the bacon out.  Fat in, bacon out.

Go ahead.  Eat the bacon.  You know you want to, and you won’t be needing it later.  That’s one of the best things about this recipe!  It’s also the reason you are only cooking up 1 strip’s worth.  Ya only need enough bacon fat to give us a little mo’ flavor and smokiness!

Once you’ve pulled out the crispy bacon bits, throw in the diced veggies.

Saute them over medium high heat until wilted and starting to brown.  Then pour in some chicken stock.  32 oz oughta do it.   Use the low sodium or no salt added kind–it gives you more control over the finished product. 

BWAAHAHAHA!! POWER!!!  When you are cooking it is a beautiful thing!

Add in four cans of low sodium black beans.  Drain ’em and rinse ’em if you want.  If you don’t, don’t!  Sometimes adding the liquid from your canned beans can add a lot of flavor, as well as a creamy richness you wouldn’t get without it.  And if you are using low sodium beans then too much salt should not be an issue.

Top the beans with a good, heaping blob of the Super Hot Chipotle Sauce (the more you use, the hotter it will be.  I like things to be really spicy, so I used about 1/2 cup of the sauce.  If you prefer things milder, use less sauce and maybe toss in a teaspoon of smoked paprika so you don’t lose all that smokey flavor!)

Top the Super Hot Chipotle Sauce blob with a can of tomatoes and peppers.  You can use mild.  You can use a can of just diced tomatoes if you want.  It all depends on how hot you like things.  I used the hot kind–you know…the kind that has habaneros in it.

Go ahead and take an antacid now.  I’ll wait.  And please don’t hate me in the morning!

Stir everything up.  Realize you forgot to add the garlic.  Add the garlic.

Stir everything up again and let it all simmer for about 20 or 30 minutes.  You want everything to mix up and get delicious and well acquainted, but this soup really is best if the peppers still have some shape to them.  Also, the Super Hot Chipotle Sauce will mellow out a bit as everything cooks.  But only a little.

Ladle up a big, fat, steaming serving and top it with sour cream (or Greek yogurt, if that’s what ya got on hand.  I’m obsessed with the stuff, so that’s what I had on hand!)

You could also top this with some cheese, maybe some chopped cilantro. 

Eat it with tortillas. 

Spoon on a little more Super Hot Chipotle Sauce, if you are really up for a challenge!  (Just make sure you have plenty of antacids on hand, if you are going to spice things up very much!) 

Throw in a handful of cooked brown rice to make it a perfect protein. 

You could make it vegan (if you really wanted to) by skipping the bacon and using vegetable stock instead of chicken. 

Or, do what I did and hold a little of the chopped peppers and red onion aside.  Toss them with a diced avocado, salt, pepper and lime juice for a fresh, cooling salsa!


Eat and be happy!

Here’s the full recipe:

Super Hot Chipotle Sauce

1 small can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce


2-3 garlic cloves, smashed and roughly chopped

1 lime, juiced

2-3 tsp. honey


Dump the peppers into a blender.  Fill the can about 3/4 full with cold water and swish around to get all the sauce, then pour that into the blender.  Add the garlic, lime juice, salt, and honey.  Blend until very smooth.  Use in soups, as a grilling rub, or as a condiment on just about anything!

Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Soup

one strip smokey bacon, cut into 1/2″ pieces

2 bell peppers, diced

2 jalapenos, diced

1 medium onion, diced

2 small carrots, diced

4-6 cloves of garlic, minced

4 cups low salt chicken stock

4 cans low salt black beans

1 can tomatoes with peppers (such as Rotel) or diced tomatoes

Super Hot Chipotle Sauce to taste

salt and pepper to taste

If desired, reserve 1/4 of each of the peppers and 1/4 of the onion to make salsa. 

Heat a large, heavy pot over medium heat.  Brown the bacon until all the fat is rendered.  Remove the bacon.  Go ahead and eat it if you want…its part in this recipe is finished!

Increase heat to medium high, add the veggies to the hot bacon fat and saute until wilted and beginning to brown, about 8 minutes.

Drain and rinse the beans, if desired.  Pour into the pot with chicken stock, tomatoes, and as much of the Chipotle Sauce as you want (about 1/2 c. will still pack quite a kick!  If you prefer things milder just add a tablespoon or two of the Chipotle Sauce and add in a teaspoon of smoked paprika).  Add salt and pepper to taste.

Reduce heat back down to medium low and simmer until all the veggies are tender but still holding their shape (about 20 minutes).

If desired, serve with sour cream, cheese, tortillas, or avocado salsa.

To make the avocado salsa, mix two diced avocados with the reserved peppers and onions, and the juice of one lime.  Add salt and pepper to taste. 

Eat and be happy!


5 Responses to “Spicy Chipotle Black Bean Soup”

  1. Derek Laughman Says:

    Wow! That is some awesome ideas! I think I might check this site out more and maybe cook for Melanie 😉 shhhh, don’t tell her. Keep up the good work sister!

  2. Oh wow this is just amazing. My wife can’t eat chipotle, curses! The next time she’s out of town I’m making this!

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