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Go Fish! May 11, 2011

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Today I decided that the next food on my project should be some ocean fish.

I realize this takes me miles away from my former rule about the number of legs required on an animal in order for me to find acceptable to eat, but after a moderate success with the mushrooms, and a near-guaranteed (if perhaps premature), assumed success with the buffalo, I am feeling up to what for me will be a challenge.

I….I guess.  Maybe.  I dunno.

As a part of this project, I thought I would try to educate myself a bit about my food.  It’s not that I want to turn this into one of those super political blogs that focuses only on green living (although I do think it’s important to at least try…), I just think that if you are going to enjoy a food at its peak it helps to know some facts:  where did it come from, where is the best place to get it, how should I order it, when is it in season?  I mean, I don’t want to spend $40 on a lobster tail if it’s entirely the wrong time of year to be eating it…it’ll be more expensive and probably will not taste very good.   And I don’t want to eat food that is expensive and doesn’t taste good!

Well, I was wildly incorrect about the mushrooms (mushroom season, at least ’round these parts, begins in the fall…), and buffalo seemed to be an all-seasons kind of food that is easy to obtain locally.  But seafood…

Ah, yes.  Seafood.

Seafood is, in a word, complicated.  Today after hours of researching ocean fish sustainability practices, population management, bycatch hazards, red listed species, and fishing standards, my head is swimming.  It is now filled to capacity with burning questions about the fish destined to end its existence as a meal for me:  Where was it caught?  How was it caught?  Was it purchased from a company that supports sustainability?  Is it a red listed fish?  Is there a greener, more eco-concious choice, preferably one with low levels of mercury?  Would Greenpeace approve of this fish?!?

Oh, and most important of all, how will it taste???



Then I decided that I would not eat any ocean fish after all, as my contribution to keeping our oceans blue, clean, and well stocked with plenty of fish.  This way I could ensure that I was not contributing to depleted species, pollution, the perils to endangered animals caused by unsafe fishing practices…or endangering myself by consuming exorbitant mercury levels…

I was, so to speak, off the hook!


Then I decided to be honest with myself, and realized that I was not being as eco-concious as I was pretending to be.  I was just taking the coward’s way out.

There is, after all, an entire green list of sustainably caught and well managed fish out there for me to try. 

That being said, ocean fish are still on the menu, and I am asking you to help me choose the one that will be my Very First Ocean Fish Experience!  But first I encourage you to go here: and make sure that you are not recommending a red listed, or even yellow listed species.  Green is good, red is….well, it’s not good.

Fish Day Volume 1: Ocean Fish (the kind with gills and fins…if it ain’t got gills and fins I’m not eatin’ it…yet.  And I’m not eating the gills and fins themselves…it’s just a way to futher define what I mean by “ocean fish” since the word “fish” itself has not to this point proved itself to be clear enough.  That is all.  Over and out.  End parentheses.) is May 27th.  Be there!

As always, please post your recommendations at the bottom in the comments, or email me at

And you should probably be aware that I am deathly afraid of all white fish.  Can’t explain it.  Just am.  So if yer gonna recommend a white fish, better make it a friendly one!

In the meantime, back to buffalo…

The Place:  The Buffalo Restaurant and Bar in Idaho Springs, Colorado

The Plan:  Eat buffalo.  Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo.  Buffalo short ribs, buffalo bolognese, buffalo burgers…Buffalo.

The People:  Me, my hubby, and two of my very good friends who have sworn to stick it out to the quite possibly bitter end…right guys?  Guys?  Hello?

Bring it.  I am not afraid.

Well, maybe just a little. 

But not as afraid as I am of the fish.


4 Responses to “Go Fish!”

  1. JB Says:

    There is a fish called a buffalo, but it is a freshwater fish. Too bad, you could have taken out two birds with one stone.

  2. Sarah Jane Says:

    Noooo, I would love to go, but I switched shifts because someone wants me to go to the zoo with her on the 26th…

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