My Year of Adventurous Eating

I’m Back! April 18, 2011

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Hello, World.

It’s been awhile.

I apologize for the long silence–there was no wi-fi at our campsite in Moab.  There was also no electricity.  Or running water.  Or pillows!  And the food there wasn’t that great either, although everything tastes better after a day of hot hiking in the sun.  Sunburn is excellent seasoning, and I am very burned.

And the view was spectacular!

There’s a lot to write about, and I’ll post some photos very soon.  I promise.  In the meantime here is a link to my Hubby’s photography website to tide you over!  Check it out.  You will be happy you did!

For instant camping energy, combine:

1 bag of boil-in-bag brown rice, cooked

1 bag precooked, diced chicken (we used Tyson–the grilled strips.)

1 can black beans, drained (or not, if you are concerned about critters.  It will just make things soupier.)

1 can tomatoes with peppers (tomatoes with habaneros, if you like things spicy.  I like things spicy.)

1 small can whole kernel corn, drained (again, consider critters)

lots of shredded cheese

Heat through.  Eat with sporks.

Serves 4 moderately hungry campers, 3 very hungry campers, or two starving campers with big appetites.

It’s super easy, gives you lots of energy for the day, and is relatively tasty (assuming your boil-in-bag rice hasn’t spent the last two weeks living next to the dish soap in your camping food box.  Let’s just assume that, for the sake of argument.  If it has been sitting next to the dish soap there is a good chance the rice will taste like soap.  Not that we would know.  Ahem.)  This is easy, portable car-camping food.  However, it doesn’t make great back-packing food, what with all those cans and the chicken that needs to be kept cool and whatnot.  I’m just sayin’.

Utah was gorgeous, sunny, and severely hot or cold by intervals.  We hiked a bunch (well, as much as my weak thighs would allow!), took in as many sights as we could, and tried hard not to complain too much about the lack of modern conveniences like electricity, running water, and pillows (actually, I tried hard not to complain.  Hubby, who is a rugged outdoorsman and has no trouble at all with being gritty, greasy, unwashed and stinky, complained only about being cold.  And that was because I stole his 15° sleeping bag and made him use the light weight, warm weather one.  He is long-suffering, that hubby of mine).  It was awesome

But last night, after a long, hot shower (complete with soap!) when we snuggled down into our own bed with its big, fluffy mattress, and sheets, and pillows (!!!) I certainly wasn’t complaining.

I love camping.  I makes me appreciate what I have.  And after 3 nights spent in the rugged wilderness (rugged meaning we were not within walking distance of the nearest coffee shop) I’m happy to be back in my tiny apartment with its tiny kitchen, and its great big comfy bed, and its T.V. with DVD player, and its interwebs, and its rotten cat who coughed up three (count ’em, three) gnarly hairballs while we were gone, and its super tiny back-deck herb garden…

It’s good to be home.

Next: back to our regularly scheduled program.  Mushrooms!  Where to eat, how to eat, what to eat, and/or cook.  Suggestions!  More recipes!  It’s less than two weeks ’til mushroom day!


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