My Year of Adventurous Eating

Just So You Know… April 4, 2011

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I am starting to think that maybe, just possibly, there’s a slight chance that maybe I didn’t present my project very well.  I think in my introduction I might have given some rather confusing instructions.

I mean, it all made sense to me but I find I’ve been having to explain how I hope to have things work an awful lot.  This happens to me frequently…things just don’t quite make it out of my head in a way that makes sense to anyone but me.

But lots of people have that problem, don’t they?  Anyone? 



Anyways, just to make sure that all the parts of my project make sense I’ve organized them into what is hopefully a logical list of steps below.

Step 1:  I will announce a new food at least two weeks in advance of when I am going to try it, along with the date. 

Step 2:  You send me your suggestions for the best restaurants to try these foods, and/or your favorite recipe to try at home.  You can send them to me by email ( or post them in the comments section.

Step 3:  I will select a restaurant to try the food at and announce it in another post.  Anyone and everyone is encouraged to come with me!  Just let me know if I should expect you.  I plan on trying a different restaurant every other Friday beginning April 29th.

Step 4:  I will choose a few of your recipes to try throughout the next two weeks before I try the next food.  If I choose one of your recipes to try you are invited to come over and help me fix it (that way you will know I get it right!)  I will let you know in an email if I’m going to try your recipe.

For a few of these foods I won’t realistically be able to prepare a whole two weeks worth of recipes (lobster at $40/lb is probably going to be a one time experience) so hopefully I’ll be able to get as many of you as possible to join me at the restaurant!  I still would love if you would share your recipes utilizing these foods though, so that I can maybe try them in the future.

Also, please be aware that I would like to post and share all the recipes that I try, so if you send me one of your super-secret recipes and don’t want me to spill it to the world be sure to let me know.

So there it all is.  Talk to me!  Remember, Mushroom Day is April 29th!


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